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Content Marketing

How are you going to attract visitors to your site? How are you going to get them to stick around or keep coming back? Developing an audience and driving a behavioural change. This is the essence of our Content Marketing services.

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Content strategy.

A content strategy defines how you create the right content and make it visible to your target audience in search results and on social media. The goal is to target, attract, retain and convert visitors into customers. Our content strategy service helps you define your purpose, audience and editorial manifesto.


Good copywriting starts with an understanding of your audience, the purpose of your content marketing and the keywords that your customers use to find your products or services on the internet. At theweb.agency we don’t write brainless SEO copy but texts that inform and convert. Through our partnership with Webtextshop we have written articles, product texts and category texts for over 150 websites. Our qualified writers are able to craft copy in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, Danish and Swedish.

Social media.

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience, share and promote your content. Our social media services include building audiences and online communities from scratch on the key platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google plus. We also set up and run paid acquisition campaigns to create sales leads for your funnel or conversion on your online store.

E-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing is making a comeback because it is an effective way of cutting through the online clutter and communicating directly with your audience. When permission is earned, you decide what and when to publish and your reader decides whether to open. To earn permission you trade value for an e-mail address. We can help you create that value through your content marketing. Next we can help you develop e-mail marketing campaigns such as newsletters and e-mail automation like an on-boarding series.


Would you like to grow your business online, but find it difficult to set up and run a successful digital marketing operation? If so we can help!

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