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Digital Marketing

When is the right time to start paid acquisition? How much are you willing or able to pay per lead or conversion? What keywords should you bid for and how much? Answering these types of questions to get the most return from your investment is where our paid acquisition services can help you.

Facebook marketing.

Facebook has huge reach and the kind of segmentation you can do is a marketers dream. We help you set up your business page on Facebook and run successful Facebook Ad campaigns to meet your business goals. This includes services like setting up and running fan pages or community pages, segmentation an targeting in multiple geographies and running Advertising Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and their display network. Of course we integrate the Facebook Pixel on your website in order to track and measure and improve campaign performance.


Google AdWords is a hugely powerful tool but can be hugely frustrating and time consuming too! It’s not just a matter of getting out your chequebook either, as Google also ranks your Ad and your content on relevance when placing your bid on a keyword. So if you don’t want to waste a lot of money you need to start from a solid website with solid, relevant content as the foundation. This is where our AdWords team brings expertise to help you get the most bang from your AdWords campaign bucks.

Google Shopping.

Showing up in Google Shopping results is a really visual and effective way for e-Commerce sites to grow traffic and conversions. We set up Google Shopping Data Feeds from your site, set up up in Google Merchant Center and then set up and run successful AdWords campaigns targeting those products.

Campaign Analytics.

We offer analytics as part of our paid acquisition services on Facebook, Instagram or Adwords campaigns we run for you. This helps you to measure your investment and make sure that you remain on track with your campaign goals.


Would you like to grow your business online, but find it difficult to set up and run a successful digital marketing operation? If so we can help!

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