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Your digital presence starts with an awesome website. A site that can be found online, that performs and drives results. This is at the heart of our website design and development services.


We design and develop websites and e-commerce stores that work on mobile and desktop browsers. We make sure that the design is aligned to your business goals and will help you drive action to get results, such as signing up for a newsletter or contacting you for a quote.


We begin by analysing the questions people ask Google to find the products or services you offer. These are called keywords. Then we write the copy for your site that helps your website to rank for these keywords. We take care of things like header tags, focus keywords, metadesriptions and internal link building.

Optimised setup.

When we set up your site, we make sure it’s optimised and set up to perform. This is a key ranking factor for Google. This includes things like page loading speed, optimising image sizes, optimising code or caching your website for faster delivery.

Worry free hosting and maintenance.

We build your site on our own dedicated cloud server. This means you won’t be sharing a box with dozens of other sites that are not optimised to perform. We include as standard a nightly backup to the cloud, and Cloudflare ServerShild for industry leading security and performance. ServerShield helps to block hackers, spammers, botnets, and DDoS attacks.


Would you like to grow your business online, but find it difficult to set up and run a successful digital marketing operation? If so we can help!

theweb.agency creates your online presence and operates digital marketing campaigns.

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